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    Patio Sealing & Protecting Services

    Sealing, protecting, cleaning, and restoring your deck, patio, or driveway is essential for the longevity of your investment. As the surface is exposed to extreme temperatures, UV rays, and moisture it can crack, chip or peel. This may not happen immediately but over time it will become a safety issue. Patio protecting and patio sealing services will also extend its life. In addition to our sealing and protection services, we can also power wash any other exterior surface including sidewalks and steps. Our experience in the restoration industry is second to none. We take pride in our workmanship and we aim to always meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We know that a home improvement project is an investment of time, money, and effort, so trust Wajet to finish your project on time and within budget! We are involved in all aspects of exterior renovations. From decks to fences, siding to windows, doors to stonework, and pressure washing. We will help you make your home look beautiful once more!

    Deck Sealing & Protecting Services

    Whether you keep your deck covered or exposed year-round, it’s important to seal it every two years. The best time to seal a deck is in the spring so you can enjoy the summer on a freshly sealed surface. A new coat of sealant creates a barrier between the wood and the weather—rain, snow, and ice—allowing your deck to last longer and look better.

    Our specialized deck sealing and protecting services will prevent water from seeping into the wood, which can lead to degradation over time. This is especially important if your deck is located near a pool or hot tub because chemicals like chlorine can cause irreversible damage.

    Our Deck sealing and Protecting services will not only protect your investment from the harshest weather conditions (snow, rain, sun). But also extend the life of your deck or patio by years. If you want to resale, It will enhance the beauty of your deck or patio that will stand out from others and add dollars to the cost.

    Deck Cleaning Services in Gatineau & Nepean

    We have experience performing deck cleaning services in the Gatineau and Nepean areas for many satisfied customers. Wajet Pressure Washing uses an advanced water-fed pole system that means no more heavy-lifting or dangerous ladders. A high-pressure water stream is used to clean concrete at a depth of up to two inches below the surface. Using our system, we can remove loose dirt and grime from decks without harming the integrity of the surface.

    Our customers not only like the fact that we clean their homes or businesses with a safe and environmentally friendly method, but also love how much longer their newly cleaned deck lasts after it has been washed by Wajet Pressure Washing. We guarantee you will be impressed with our service and continue to use us for all your future washing needs. Call us for free estimates now!

    Why Choose Wajet Pressure Washing Services

    Delivering 100%
    customer satisfaction
    We offer top-notch pressure washing services in Ottawa without damaging the integrity of your property. Our courteous, certified, and experienced professional will provide 100% customer satisfaction.
    Expert cleaning solutions
    We use the latest pressure washer and 100% eco-friendly products to bring your property back to life, which makes us the preferred choice for pressure washing in Ottawa.
    Most affordable prices
    Our Ottawa power washing specialists provide diverse services at affordable prices that suit every budget. For reliable and free quotes, call now!