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    The cost of pressure washing varies on the basis of different factors. The factors responsible are the quality of the surface that needs to be cleaned and the time that it will take. When talking about hourly charges, a pressure washing service costs anywhere between $60-$100. So, if a surface that needs to be cleaned is 1000 square feet in area and takes 4 hours to clean, the total cost would be $240-$400.

    The time that will be taken to clean any surface depends on how dirty the surface is. Usually, to clean a 2000 sq ft house, it would take about 8 hours. However, if there are too many stubborn spots that refuse to come off easily, it can take longer than the estimated time.

    Pressure washing a house every once in a while is the best way to keep the interiors as well as the exterior surroundings clean and sanitized. Pressure washing removes all the dust, debris, and unwanted particles that have landed on the surfaces and brings everything back to life.

    Pressure washing a commercial building is quite different from pressure washing a residential property. A commercial building is quite large and has lots of components including elevators, lots of staircases, escalators, and huge corridors. Each component is charged separately. The usual rate is $0.5-$0.7 per sq ft. It varies for parking spaces and other spots.

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