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    Driveway Sealer Ottawa

    No one wants to look at their driveway, especially if you have cracks in it. Many things can cause a crack in your driveway and we can help you fix it.

    It’s no secret that the seasons can destroy your driveway and make it look old, torn, and cracked. Not only does this look bad but it can be very dangerous for yourself or others. Sometimes cracks are so bad that you may need to replace the entire section of your driveway. But before you go through the hassle of doing this, contact us for advice on the best way to fix this problem.

    We’re known for our expertise in driveway sealing, driveway repairing, and crack sealing services. Our driveway sealing services are available in Ottawa areas. We also offer full-service driveway sealer maintenance packages at a competitive price.

    Driveway Sealing Services in Gatineau & Nepean

    Tired of the cracks on your driveway? How about the faded and chipping paint on your garage door? Don’t worry – there is a solution to your problem. Driveway sealing services have been around for several years now and many homeowners have chosen to upgrade their entranceways by having their pavement sealed professionally. It’s the process of painting over your driveway or any other concrete surface with a special sealer that protects it from various weather conditions (which cause the cracking).

    When you hire Driveway Sealing Ottawa to do the job, you can be sure that you’re getting supreme quality workmanship – we are an accredited company (we follow strict industry standards) that boasts an A+ rating and has a long-standing reputation for its quality workmanship.

    We have worked hard to earn our stellar reputation in the industry and we know that it means nothing if we don’t provide exemplary service to our clients. All of our employees are fully insured and have years of experience and expertise in the restoration industry.

    Crack Repairing & Sealing Services

    Water in the basement can be a sign of several problems. If it’s coming from cracks in the foundation or exterior walls, Wajet can provide crack repairing and sealing services to fix the leak. If you see water or moisture at the bottom of your basement walls, this can be a sign that the foundation is shifting or settlement has occurred. This can lead to structural damage and mold growth. Wajet offers crack repair and sealing services to correct these issues. We will make sure that there are no cracks or openings for water to flow into your basement. We use specialized equipment to apply a crack sealant beneath cracks in concrete or masonry foundations. We also seal groundwater drains, utility penetrations, and cracks in exterior walls with an elastomeric waterproofing compound that adheres to any surface.
    When you hire us for crack repairing services, we’ll come to your home and take a look at the cracks in your concrete. We’ll then apply our crack sealing solution to those cracks and you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Call us for a free quote today!

    Why Choose Wajet Pressure Washing Services

    Delivering 100%
    customer satisfaction
    We offer top-notch pressure washing services in Ottawa without damaging the integrity of your property. Our courteous, certified, and experienced professional will provide 100% customer satisfaction.
    Expert cleaning solutions
    We use the latest pressure washer and 100% eco-friendly products to bring your property back to life, which makes us the preferred choice for pressure washing in Ottawa.
    Most affordable prices
    Our Ottawa power washing specialists provide diverse services at affordable prices that suit every budget. For reliable and free quotes, call now!